#bumble | #tinder | #pof Woman desperately hunting down the mystery man her friend met on a night out because they’d ‘make lovely babies’ – and creates a hashtag to help


A WOMAN has started a hashtag to find the mystery man her friend met in a takeaway on a night out.

The pal, from Manchester, posted an image of the pair sat on the floor of a chicken shop on Facebook group, Sale M33.


The pair can be seen sitting on the floor of the takeaway shopCredit: Facebook / Sale M33

“Does anyone know the guy in this pic?” She wrote.

“I think he would make lovely babies with my mate (sat next to him).

“… Disclaimer: if this guy is already in a relationship I just want to point out nothing happened on this night… he was simply sat on a shop floor.”

Since posting the cute snap, hundreds have helped with the search, using the hashtag #findtakeawayboy.

 The friend posted on Facebook to find the man


The friend posted on Facebook to find the manCredit: Facebook / Sale M33

So far, Facebook users have been loving the search, with one commenting: “This is even more entertaining that Rooney v Vardy.”

While another commented: “Love this post. Hope we find takeaway boy and he’s single.”

Others, however, were convinced the man probably wasn’t single, with one person asking: “Is anyone else waiting for the Mrs to pop up?”

While one man wrote: “I can probably guarantee that if the guy does have a Mrs she will be right now giving him the third degree, what the f*** happened last night and don’t lie!”

 Other users found it hilarious


Other users found it hilariousCredit: Facebook / Sale M33
 One thought it was a former colleague


One thought it was a former colleagueCredit: Facebook / Sale M33

One person thought it could have been a former colleague while another said she thought it was her cousin.

“Looks very much like a guy I used to work with 16 years ago.

“If it’s him, last I knew he was married.”

One person pointed out that he probably would have been in school 16 years ago, however.

The search continues…

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