Burnaby reporter elicits laughs—but no dates—by formatting Tinder profile as a zoning amendment | #tinder | #pof

Are you sick of hearing about the Super Bowl and the B.C. rainstorm? Have I got a solution for you.

It comes in the form of an amusing set of tweets by Glacier journalist Dustin Godfrey.

Like many local newspaper reporters, Godfrey is interested in municipal affairs (as well as a bunch of other subjects).

That’s pretty clear from a Tinder profile that he created a year ago, which was presented as a zoning amendment.

He also formatted a Bumble profile as a council resolution.

Godfrey predicted at the time that this would never elicit a date.

And yesterday, he followed up with another tweet expressing that this forecast was accurate: “this is, indeed, a solid way to not get a date.”

“All in the name of science,” he added.


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