25 thoughts on “Business of Being a High-End Call Girl

  1. Bill Bob

    I find prostitutes of higher moral than hedge fund managers, so there Ms

  2. aime vous

    Satanist anton levy who founded the church wrote in his book, his concept
    of Bitchcraft. ” use sex to get what you want before he uses you”. This
    fact and phenomen of faux made for tv feminism has erked real feminist for
    years. This has nothing to do with the women marching. modern day women do
    chose within cultural options( produced by many movements) to go along with
    there own exploitation, objectification: Jameson a brand and I own
    it’-Jenna. Its an obvious mute point with teens and a no pun tricky line
    with grown women. sell your body, or would have sex for own pleasure

  3. aime vous

    motivation: culture is anti femisinst and working mom a phrase, but working
    dad not. its about what gets valued in society and giving into social
    pressure for acceptance. yes, it is decimation if you don’t get offered
    the promotion in a culture that vilifies the female boss more.?

  4. SuperStarsNStripes

    Not because they WANT to stay home with the kids, but because men will NOT
    do it, and if a woman wants a family, she has no CHOICE. You two are IDIOTS.

  5. gorillaz23456

    @glennwih i dont think so ignorant shit

  6. DiamondBones007

    the most popular drugs in pub-schools are weed and booze.. but in private
    schools.. it’s KOKAINE and other more expensive drugs.. and these students
    can afford it due to their parents giving them more money, and being
    surrounded by other students that r in equal situations. even if a kid came
    from a rich family, if their parents placed them in a public school,
    they’re going to be more likely to do what others do around them. i much
    prefer my future kids to do weed/booze instead of shit like koke

  7. carmarule1

    the government effs prostitutes anyway why not just make it legal its their

  8. MattTheBiomechanist

    This was not a result however. Women today on average receive smaller
    salaries for the same jobs that men do. income inequality still exists.

  9. Alec Bachlow

    You have my respect- Having a child is the most wonderful and enriching
    thing in the world…a person who has dignity will pass that dignity on to
    their child through example.

  10. MrRossT1

    RON PAUL! Folks should’ve voted for Ron Paul, or Gary Johnson.

  11. kombucha123

    I respectfully disagree. I believe we sell ourselves all the time-we sell
    our skills, our time, our love… the exchange of a body-money is just
    another exchange. While forced prostitution is a completely different
    issue, i really don’t think prostitution is that big of a deal. And
    “mistaking the real purpose of life” what is that exactly? Are you the one
    who knows what the real purpose of life is?

  12. ataurus62

    A great enterprise aside from the Biohazards which could be fatal.

  13. gorillaz23456

    @glennwih men arent good at everything so stop there is plenty of women who
    have done amazing things beside childbirth smfh

  14. glennwih

    @gorillaz23456 Everything you touch, walk on and open is and has always
    been built by men. Enough said.

  15. FullCircleMystic

    I like my apron and make a mean cookie. You sexists and feminists should
    thank me for raising the next generation of intelligent people. Instead I
    am made to feel inferior. People are pretty stupid all around.

  16. DocUnsane

    It is what it is, they did not glamorize it, only state the economics of
    it… which are very lucrative.

  17. DiamondBones007

    i find PRIVATE schools MORE DANGEROUS then public schools lol the more
    money kids have, the more dangerous the sex and drugs get. in private
    schools, there’s less security to watch the students. Teachers give them
    more leaniancy, and they are even able to have sex within the school itself
    because teachers trust them alone without supervision… it’s much more
    harder for students to get away with that in public schools lol

  18. The1bravioso

    @gorillaz23456 And ”sin”.

  19. glennwih

    @gorillaz23456 You are reaching. White men invented 99% of all inventions
    in the last 100 years. Let it rest.

  20. Mynnia Ignea

    Lol. No. It was Marie and Peter. But their daughter continued their

  21. etornel79

    here in the states we demonize things like pot and prostitution…”sex” we
    all participate in..!!.. and a plant that we have been smoking since we
    discovered fire( look up..THE ICE-MAN from Europe..he carried a bar of
    copper that pre-dates any known specimen and had marijuana in his buffalo
    pouch-that’s right a European “buffalo” pouch..an animal now extinct..he
    also had tattoo’s which scientist believed was that of a
    shaman’s)..well…legalize them so we can face real issues in life..like

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