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Cameron Fous is a day trader that became hugely successful in a relatively short while after his family went all in following a “hot tip” on some speculative biotech. Cameron made about 50% on his investment before the stock went burst, dropping to 50 cents from the initial purchase price of $4 per share. All this happened while the young Cameron was in college where he was studying business finance.

Cameron’s journey to the world of day trading was inspired by the attractive lifestyle of his best friend’s dad. “Growing up, I wanted to be a stockbroker like my best friend’s dad. His nice BMW, the suits, and the stock market fascinated me,” said Cameron Fous.

I always dreamed of the luxury life you see in movies—the cars, boats, condos, girls. With day trading, I got it all. I even threw a ‘Wolf of San Diego’ yacht party, complete with booze and babes and a video team to capture the whole thing,” Fous continued.

Over the years, Cameron grew his portfolio, earning as much as $70,000 trading monthly. He also launched, a platform he used in providing trading advice to people across the globe. Cameron made $30,000 in his first month selling trading advice and eventually scaled the figures up to more than $100,000 monthly teaching others to trade.

Cameron lived the life that only a few people could imagine. However, a Tinder date with Sandra changed his life forever. Cameron came to a realization that there was more to life than partying on yachts and wearing designer brands. In his pursuit of happiness, Cameron launched IKNK where he has continued to impact the lives of people across the globe by not only teaching them the skills to make money but also focusing on helping them live an exemplary life of happiness.

In a recent interview, Cameron again reiterated the abundance of opportunities inherent in day trading. “Day Trading for a living is something that can open up a world of opportunities for you. I have been doing it for 14 years and I have been teaching people how to day trade stocks for a living for the last 10 years,” said Cameron Fous.

Cameron Fous continues to impact thousands of lives across the globe as he shares his wealth of experience as a trader with his students.

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