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Dear Gabby,

My smart, handsome, young adult son never dated much (as far as I was aware). He recently told us about a new relationship. I’m desperate for more deets! How often can I ask him questions? He doesn’t offer nearly enough info to keep me going.

Will curiosity kill this cat?

Dear Will,

It just might. Unfortunately, to be honest, you’re kinda screwed. And believe me, I totally sympathize! As parents, you do all the work and get none of the hot goss! The good news is, you’ve launched a smart, handsome young man into the world, who is dating! Pat yourself on the back for that bit of wizardry because that is much easier said than done. The bad news is that he is an adult now and entitled to his privacy (damn him). As a person who grew up with a parent who wanted to know every detail all the time, I am here to tell you not to say a thing. Try to relish the fact that he even told you he was involved with someone. That already tells me that you have a great relationship with him. Enjoy that fact and bite your tongue. He will so appreciate that you are not pressuring him (since to them, “how are you?” can seem like “have you had sex yet?!?!) that ironically, he may be more inclined to spill more. In the meantime, I highly recommend buying a punching bag.

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