You can now do a #dating #application and #wait for #suitors to #apply

Dating in the modern era can be difficult, as online dating opens the floor to so many unknown factors.

Like, I know we matched on Tinder but why hasn’t he written to me? Or okay, she has my WhatsApp now, but wy hasn’t she suggested we go for an after work drink?

It’s hard out there for a relationship seeker to figure out whether people are really truly interested in you, or if they have just swiped right on evryone.

We’ve often joked about accepting dating applications from eager suitors, but now that concept has been made into a reality.

Apply To Date is a new online site where you do exactly as described above.

Simply create your own bachelorette page and wait for the applicants to roll in.

The concept will be particularly welcomed by those of us with a seriously picky criteria.

While it’s definitely a functional, and slightly impersonal, way to date, we might just be ready to try it.

Applicants must be Netflix fanatics, have facial hair and believe in repealing the 8th amendment…