Can Online Dating Lead to Marriages and Serious Relationships?


Studies reveal that every third marriage in USA is fixed online. May be technology has left great impact on our life style. The craze of all age groups is growing high for online dating platforms and many successful love stories have been written over there. Online daters accept this fact that it is much easier to meet romantic partners using social media networks.

Recently, a survey was conducted over more than 19000 people who got married during 2005 and 2012. The response from couples were really amazing and it was proved that relationships that were grown online are growing at much better pace as compared to those who started building foundation offline. After observing all such interesting facts, most of professionals started developing their thoughts about whether online dating is really good for serious kind of relationships and marriages or not. And during this analysis few interesting statistics were obtained.Actually, when people use facebook they often keep on scrolling over engaging timeline where status updates, photos and videos are available. Well! Most of the time you come across photographs of new boyfriend of your best friend, few newly married happy couples and many other interesting things, which inspire you to find a date partner. May be this is one of the major reason why youngsters these days are more influenced towards thoughts of finding relationships. And they are crazy enough to try all techniques to start with.With development of online dating websites, now almost all age groups are accessing simple and easy to use dating services. It makes your date partner just a few clicks away from you.Let us discus about few interesting facts revealed from recent studies about whether online dating can lead to successful relationships or not:1. You may be surprised to know that stats but almost 40 percent of Americans are currently connected to online dating community. As so many applications have been already developed for all age groups so it seems much easier to find interesting personalities over internet with one click access. Almost 27% of American young adults are actively connected to online dating sites/apps whereas 6% increase is observed in 50 plus community within last two years.

2. When professionals compared the stats obtained for males and females online dating responses separately then it was observed that almost 52.4% males are using online dating platforms actively whereas only 47.6% women are connected here. However, one thing must be noted that the statistics were also affected by age as women follow different priorities for finding their compatible match. 3. Here is one more interesting news for all those who are highly dependent over online dating platforms. The fact observed during survey reveals that almost 53% online dating website users lie with their profile information. And the lies are often about their income, job, weight, height and age. Almost 20% women were observed using their past photographs on profiles just to show that they look thinner and younger. Whereas, more than forty percent males lied about their income and job. Actually, all of them try to sound more attractive and successful just to find better matches online. 4. Although, most of the online dating websites promise to provide highly interactive and easy to use user interface where anyone can enjoy dating with ease. But the survey results reflect something else. It was observed that almost 22% online daters take help from their experienced friends to develop their online dating profile. If we prefer to go much deeper into these details then almost 30 percent women revealed that their friend helped them to develop dating profile whereas about 16 percent men accepted the same response for their profiles. 5. Almost all of the best dating sites and applications consider your location as one of the important factor for finding right matches. So it is important to know that your dating experience will also get affected as per your active location. Cities that have higher number of singles are probably going to offer you much better match options via dating platforms. 6. Here is the great news for all online dating site users that researchers spotted during their survey. Most of female users on these platforms are searching for some serious kind of relationships, not just for casual dates or hook-ups. 7. As per today’s scenario and increasing popularity of online dating sites/applications, it is observed that almost 20% of current relationships began from online dating platform and couples are happily enjoying their dates. Whereas, about 63% married couples revealed the fact that they met their love of life through a friend.

8. There are so many chances of facing breakups online. The fact is that when you meet someone online then there are more chances that you will also break up on the same platform. Studies reveal that almost 48% online relationships get ended with breakup emails. But the great part is that it will bring lesser pain to you about breaking up. 9. Looks and common interests use to play major role during online match making process. Most of these dating websites consider your profile personality updates and interests as important measures for finding compatible matches. It is observed that about 64% online daters are searching for a partner that has common interests like them whereas 49% responded for physical characteristics or looks. All important stats for research studies are now in front of you so you can make better decisions about what will be your next step towards dating experience. If we talk about the survey only then people who started their relationships from online websites are found to be happier together. It is possible to find serious dating sites for marriage over internet and they use to serve daters from almost all different corners of world. The best part is that online dating services never pose any restriction on your choices not even for far distances connections. User can make all decisions independently and can enjoy dating experience as per his/her personal choices.



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