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HAVE the details of someone’s occupation on their Tinder profile ever influenced your decision to swipe left or right?

Former Tinder CEO Sean Rad believes a person’s job is important when it comes to dating and although most wouldn’t judge someone on their skills or profession, we are all attracted to certain qualities.

Where does this leave tradesmen? With qualities like problem solving, hard-working and an accuracy of technique, which one is believed to be the most desirable to women?

With Tinder numbers surging since lockdown, the experts at wanted to find out which tradesmen would receive the most right swipes.

To do this, PriceYourJob looked up 11 of the most popular trade jobs in the UK and made separate Tinder profiles, keeping everything the same except their occupation. They made 300 right swipes over the course of three days and the results are as follows.

The Results

The tradesperson that is most likely to get the most right-swipes on Tinder and seen to be most desirable to women are….carpenters.

It seems men in hard hats and high vis, building and carrying large bits of timber turned the most heads with an impressive 195 matches.

In second place with 159 matches are gardeners. The idea of your partner dealing with delicate plants and walking around half-naked seemed almost too good to not snap up.

In third place are builders with 126 matches. The former stereotype of builders is no more and women would love the idea of one to date.

With 111 matches and in fourth place are landscapers, while fifth place was awarded to bricklayers with 87 matches.

The tradesmen with the lowest number of right swipes are plasterers with only 18 matches. Second to last are plumbers with 30 matches.

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