CBATV: White Mamba’s Twitter & Manti Te’o HOAX


We discussed quickly Brian Scalabrine aka the Black Mamba getting a twitter finally. Then we dabbled in the Breaking Deadspin report that Manti Te’o Girlfriend never existed. That such a classy academy like Notre Dame could have made something like this up!!


9 thoughts on “CBATV: White Mamba’s Twitter & Manti Te’o HOAX

  1. JMGW87

    Why was there an R.I.P. Victoria Soto page on facebook days before the shooting, why was mr. parker smiling before his interview, why are there videos of a suspect being? arrested in the trees, and a child in an interview says he saw a man handcuffed on the ground? weird medical examiner interview.Research Mossad, mk ultra, false flag, your government hates you, thats why. I bet you havent done any research into Sandy hook, and your calling me the idiot. Don’t believe the TV. It’s zionist lies.

  2. Ryan Hoppe

    How is the Sandy hook shooting a hoax? You’re a idiotic dope? if you think those innocent kids didn’t really die

  3. JMGW87

    Do some research on any of these subjects, it will blow your mind. You’ve been lied to you’ll whole life by? tv and government.
    Ryan, you should be asking why a known devil worshiper, john kerry, was in robert krafts? luxary box on sunday? John kerry, known member? of skull and bones at yale. Does robert kraft support satanism? I believe he does. Kraft is a member of the synogogue of satan.

  4. Ryan Hoppe

    Those topics sound like the? topics of an awful Rush Limbaugh show.

  5. JMGW87

    so many lies that are bigger than the manti teo hoax.. Rothschild= Redshield, georgia guidestones, agenda 21, posse comitatus, false flags, russian gulag murders, protocol of zion,? i can go on and on.
    Its sick how you find pleasure in others misfortune.
    Go Irish! America’s team is back!

  6. JMGW87

    Ryan Hoppe, if you want to make a name for yourself you should talk about real issues, like how Mossad did 9/11, the genocide in Palestine, the talmud, the sandy hook hoax, 2 amendment,? uss liberty, gulf of tonkin, operation northwoods, the lavon affair, king david hotel bombing, zionism, mercury in the vaccines,fluoride in the water, satanism in movies and music, skull and bones (john kerry in robert krafts luxary box),10 kids kidnapped by Queen elizibeth, 10 dead bodies found at ben franklins

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