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Married a man after dating for 18 months. Always attentive, always home every night. Called twice a day. Sex five times a week. Church every Sunday, down on his knees praying every night, reading his Bible every morning. Always paying me compliments and telling me how much he loves. Never had a reason to check up on him. Just by chance just around our second year anniversary, I had to use his phone, because mine was broken. An email popped up…I said don’t look, but did anyway. My whole world unraveled in that second. Three weeks after the wedding he contacted an ex girlfriend and ask her to call. From there I found all of this.
He was on two date sites and had written emails to over 40 craigslist personals.
He had over 80 contacts which most were women. I have filed for divorce, but I just wanted to know why? He has no answers, expect prove I slept with any of these women. It’s not that I can’t prove he did, it is that he can’t prove he didn’t His name is Charles Brian Spikes Jacksonville Florida.
aka stayinginteresting, aka quitedab opposite
Maybe this will save someone in the future, pain.

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  1. anonymous

    Seriously, would it really even matter if he didn’t have sex with any of them?? Isnt the betrayal all the sneaky, communication with women that you knew nothing about?? I’d bet anything he did or would of if he had the chance, so you are better off moving on! My husband and I love to play with other couples and men/woman. Its exciting to be with new people as well as the search for it. BUT…. We only play together and we BOTH love it! It has made us incredibly close and connected us in a way nothing else could. Too bad more people cant be open to it!
    Sorry for all your hurt/devastation….
    Move on and be happy you didnt waste 20yrs with the loser!!!

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