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Chasity Klevetter — How can u live with yourself? U are nothing but a homewrecker! What kind of woman sleeps around with a married man? Or txt/email one that’s in a committed relationship? Does it make u feel better about yourself? How about your kids? What do u think your teaching them? Ur telling them its ok to ruin other peoples trust! U make me sick!! No man will ever take u serious bc they know what kind of woman u r! No man wants a nasty little girl who is gonna be bored with them once she actually has them. Plus u know the saying once a cheater always a cheater? U have proven that over and over. Dont text Josh ever again! While him and I r together u have no business Facebooking him. I didnt think I would drop to this level ever but after I have heard what u did to another family u deserve nothing but an ass beating! I hope ur family is proud of the w**** u r! Move away. If I see u around Brookings dont think I wont blast u in front of everyone around. I will not hesitate to tell everyone what a homewrecking s*** u are! Keep ur f***** legs closed! Stay away from taken men! And focus on ur damn kids that u dont have custody! Clearly that speaks volumes that u dont have ur kids! What kind of mother doesn’t have custody of her kids! A nasty dirty w****, that’s who!!!

Two years ago I was pregnant with my third child and living at my In laws bc we just lost our house to a fire. My significant other wanted to go downtown with some friends. No big deal, right? So he was down town and ended up drinking to much and passing out at a mutual friend of ours house. While he was out he ran in to Chasity Klevetter. I guess she told the other girls she was with that she wanted to hook up with Josh, my boyfriend! . The other ladies warned her to stay away, she knew I was home and that i was pregnant, she use to be on my Facebook friends list. Well she didnt care! Oh and by the way she was MARRIED! She I guess kept trying to hook up with Josh and he turned her down. Yah for a good man, right. Ok so now let’s fast forward to now, that was two yrs ago. Haven’t heard from this little girl since then. Then out of the blue she tells me she is moving to Brookings and her and Josh have a history! Umm excuse me?!?! She then starts facebook messaging Josh telling him she wants to be with him! He tells her he is with me and will not leave me for her. Well come to find out shes sleeping with another married man!! And cheating on her new boyfriend who is home with her new baby! The married man ends up telling his wife about the affair and ends it with Chasity. Chasity ends up going downtown with her friends amd starts checking out her FRIENDS husband!!   This little girl only likes men that she cant have once she gets them she isn’t interested anymore.

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  1. F**khomewreckerz

    The best thing is probably just to scratch her eyes out, since that’s what she uses to see and run after taken men.

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