Cheating Man Caught After Uber Sends Notifications To Wife’s iPhone


A cheating businessman from Côte d’Azur in the south of France is blaming Uber for the break-up of his marriage. According to him, it is not his fault for having sex with another woman.

He is suing Uber for US$48 million after notifications from the app alerted his wife to the trips he was making to his lover’s home. He only used his wife’s iPhone once to request for a ride, but the glitch in the app caused the notifications to continue streaming to his wife’s phone. They showed that he kept going to the same location and she became suspicious.

The glitch occured when a user logged in a phone, where their information would automatically be stored. This means that updates will continued to be sent to that phone even without a password. This is a common problem with the Uber app, and there was an update in December to fix it.

So if you are an Uber-using cheater, make sure you have downloaded the latest update.



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