How cheating men ‘choose’ their sexual partners – and the women they avoid


We know that people have affairs. For as long as relationships have been social discourse, so too has cheating.

It is also more common for men to be unfaithful. But what attracts them to others? And, crucially, what are the things that cause men to play away? Are some women more enticing than others?

Men who have engaged in promiscuous activities have confessed to their misgivings and explained the reasons why.

Apparently, where men were able to swerve extramarital partners, they fell foul in other cases, reports ‘cheating’ site Ashley Madison. When men ‘choose’ second partners, it appears the decision is more calculated and premeditated.

Out of 1,300 men quizzed, 27 per cent said a friend or co-worker would be the most likely scenario for naughtiness – more likely if that person is unhappy in a relationship.

Often, in books and films, the ‘other woman’ is depicted as some sort of seductive temptress. This is improbably. Rather, she’s someone the man knows.

Fewer men said they would hook up with a strange. 23 per cent of men questioned said this would be their style of play. In these cases, often a ‘trip’ – away from life’s normalities – would be where it might happen.

Most men said affairs were to make them happier in their marriage.

Ashley Madison VP of Communications, Paul Keable, said the online dating service, designed to allow married couples to have secret affairs, is there for people who want to pursue a ‘side relationship’, but without dipping into the office ink. Avoiding professional spheres is crucial, it seems.

“Rather than get involved with someone in your social circle, or worse, your professional circle, we offer a place for people to come and pursue a more successful affair with like minded married daters where there is a far lesser chance of being discovered,” said Paul.