Cheating wife hires man to kill her husband and frame ISIS


What she didn’t know is that the assassin she hired was in fact an undercover police officer.
A British Women who had been having a two-year long affair with another man attempted to hire an assassin to kill her husband and make it look like an ISIS execution so she could be with her boyfriend, according to reports by the Mirror.

Unaware that she was in fact speaking with an undercover police officer, Nurten Taycur, age 28, offered to pay the bogus hit-man £5,000 to cut the throat of her husband, Uber driver Ercan Akan, and spray paint the word “ISIS” on the top of his car, according to the report.

Taycur was arrested after handing over a £1,000 deposit saying, “I don’t want him to survive.”
Her husband was shocked to hear of her actions. As far as he knew, their marriage was fine, said the Mirror report.

“I still don’t understand why Nurten wanted me to be killed,” he told police. “If she wanted to separate from me she could have done it in the normal way.”

Following police questioning, Taycur pleaded guilty to soliciting to murder.


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