Why she cheats on you with your best friend


When we settle down in marriage more often than not the woman is psychologically prepared that at one point in life her man may stray and cheat. Most men however do not even accommodate such a thought. Well in reality, today wives cheat as much as men do, but wives are smart cheaters. They cheat with the least suspected persons, in the least expected places and at least expected times.

Let’s talk about least expected persons wives are cheating on you with. Your “best man”. In this context best man represents your close friends or your “boy (s)” if you like. See this is one person that is close to you and by extension a friend of your wife and family. You and your families hang out together; he is more of a close relative than a family friend.

Most men get to a point in life when they take their wives for granted. You get to a point where you stop treating her like a lady. You mistreat her. You stay out late daily. You probably now have enough resources and can afford any young campus chic. You stop going home for dinner; your wife now warms the bed alone. As you do all these….there is someone close to you watching all these. Your best guy. He knows this woman – your wife, probably admires that she is an amazing woman and more so that she has stuck to you even as you run around leaving her neglected. This is the one man who will come to her rescue, after all you have confided in him. He knows your household and its drama inside out. He knows the right buttons to press to get your woman’s attention; after all she is not getting any attention from you. He comes in, provides her with all the tender loving care that you are now not bringing home. He knows all your whereabouts, I mean, it’s easy anyway just a phone call
“Wassup Bryo, where you at?”
When you least expect he eats from your cookie Jar, your dull and nagging wife suddenly becomes vibrant. Doesn’t bother if you sleep out anyway, she is well taken care of by a trusted friend. The reason this kind of affairs last long is because you will least suspect it, and they will make a fool out of you. During functions when they sit and laugh together you are glad your wife is finally warming up to that one friend she dint like so much because you were always out with him….well your friend is actually warming your bed brother! It’s even safer if he is married because she will become his wife’s best friend. Well Hun, she learned from the best didn’t she?


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