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The appearance of the applications and dating sites allowed many people to find their soul mate. If Meetic, Tinder, Fruitz or of the Elite of the Meetings, these solutions promise to find your media by browsing the different profiles.

Unfortunately, these sites and applications are often the same, and generally offer the same functionality. This is the reason why there are now several solutions to be more original.

You want to find someone that has the same musical tastes as yours ? Find a lover of animals, or of nature ?

Take a look at our selection of web sites and applications to meet the most original.

Upload : the meetings according to your musical tastes

You are a true music lover ? Whether it be rap, electro or classical music, not to be condescending with someone who does not share your musical tastes ? Upload can be just what you need.

Available on Android and iOS, Back allows you to see profiles that have at least one style of music in common with you.

Climb is not for dating ! You can also find other people with whom you are going to a concert or festival. Whether you’re a fan of the Hellfest or Tomorrowland in Turn allows you to find your future partners concert !

AnimoFlirt : the love for kitty

You’re not very comfortable with human relationships ? I swear by their pets and want to meet people who love so much to your little ball of fur you ? AnimoFlirt may be the solution !

AnimoFlirt can, like many other dating sites, you fill out your personal information. In addition to this, it is possible to inform your favorite animals and you have.

Below, you can see the profiles of other users, send messages, and dating (with pets or not !)

Atypikoo : the network is not like the others

Atypikoo is not a social and dating network to all over the world. It is designed for the user to atypical profiles, such as :

  • The people surdouées
  • Hypersensitivity
  • The Aspies
  • The Philo-cognitive
  • Etc…

Atypikoo has a forum that allows you to participate in all kinds of discussions between the people atypical. There you can also talk with you about your specific needs !

The site also has a section dedicated to various articles, and a directory of professionals that may apply to you depending of your profile.

Stripe : the application very select’

If you read these lines, there is unfortunately little chance that you can enroll in the Stripe.

Stripe is a dating application, quite common in appearance. This allows you to see the profiles of other users, send messages and do video chats. The application also allows its members to enable geo-location to see users near your position.

That is what separates a Strip of your other competitors ? Simply your selection. Stripe is an application encounters just for people that were famous and/or influential.

This is the reason that you might cross many profiles known in Stripe : Cara Delevingne, Sharon Stone, Diplo, Moby, and a bunch of other famous people are already included in the application. So if you have a little bit of fame and followers, why don’t you give it a try ?

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