Chelsea Reinhart — Minersville, Pennsylvania


This woman Chelsea Reinhart works for Lowe’s in Minersville, PA. as a guard. The man Chelsea Reinhart has decided to home wreck has been married for many many years. Chelsea Reinhart actually KNOWS he’s married!! And STILL proceeds to call and text her ‘boo’.

This woman even made her new ‘boo’ leave his wife stranded at their home (with both keys to vehicles) while she made him take her on a date…. Chelsea Reinhart has this man convinced that she needs to leave his wife and family and be with her!!! Even trying to get him to convince his wife that they are just “friends” and he is trying to “help her through in her time of need”.

Chelsea Reinhart is nasty and vindictive, and I want the world to know what she is doing is destroying their marriage!

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One thought on “Chelsea Reinhart — Minersville, Pennsylvania

  1. SJG

    He’s a grown man, he is as much to blame as her.
    Just remember you can’t turn a homewrecker into a housewife.
    She did once she’ll do it again.

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