Chorus is a new application that seeks to make online dating “human again” | #tinder | #pof

How to flirt or meet new people in the era of Tinder and in the midst of a global pandemic? Chorus is a new application for iOS and Android that promises to « do make dating human again« .

Its creator, Emily Smith, affirms that he decided to start this project because (after several years of online dating) he says that dating applications have become a « lonely » and « apathetic » experience.

Friends to the rescue

She remembers the time, before the arrival of these apps, which you dated « through mutual friends ». For this reason, friends are an important part of Chorus: « it’s about friends helping other friends. »

That means that in Chorus we can request help from an intermediary friend. These intermediaries will be in charge of talking to each other and see if your friends could have common ground and start talking.

A less lonely and cold experience

It’s an interesting and important paradigm shift, since (unlike platforms like Tinder) in Chorus the experience is less lonely, cold or private. In addition to asking advice on future appointments, we can also ask about our information or profile photos.

In addition, Chorus proposes another important functionality, which they have named « dating roulette ». Thanks to this option they will put us in contact with another person, so that we can make a five-minute video call with another person.

« Then you decide if it is compatible, because no profile can convey what you will learn in the first minutes of a date. »

An important point of these random quotes is that (if we activate them) they will only be at specific times of the week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

If we are paired with someone, we will automatically access a « personalized » Zoom chat room. We will only have five minutes, so it will be important to get to the point before the call ends.

It is a new platform, but one that comes with strength and differentiating ideas. Also, it makes sense to bet on more « human » experiences in an era in which contact with strangers has to be avoided and large gatherings with friends.


Chorus is a new application that seeks to make online dating « human again »

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