Christian author writes about his change of heart on same-sex marriage

Christian author and media personality Michael Coren previously made known his stance regarding same-sex marriage, and he has now opened up about his experiences after the public learned that he is in favor of such union.

In his new book titled “Epiphany: A Christian’s Change of Heart and Mind Over Same-Sex Marriage,” the 57-year-old host of the former “The Michael Coren Show” discusses how he had a personal change of heart when it comes to gay marriages, and he was condemned for his position regarding the issue. He was not only fired from his newspaper columns, he was also banned from Catholic radio and TV stations, and his speeches were cancelled. He was even accused of cheating his wife and was compared to a murderer and child molester. He also received numerous negative articles and social media posts.

An excerpt of his book, published on Torontoist, says that Coren expected contradiction, but he was surprised by the number of people who attacked him and his views, including Protestant ministers, Catholic priests, teachers, academics, lawyers and others “who have sworn to love God, those who actually know me and my family.”

“Yet the more I was attacked the more I saw the hypocrisy of those who claimed to be loving, and as a consequence the more firm I became in defending and speaking up for the gay community,” he said. “Let me emphasize that I do not accuse all opponents of equal marriage of being cruel and dishonest—I know many of them to be kind, good people—but within the organized church-based opposition to the gay community and equal marriage there is in my experience something worryingly dark and dangerous going on.”

One of his critics’ positions is that Coren is said to always change his mind and religion, having been born to a Jewish family but becoming a Catholic, then leaving the Roman Catholic Church. To this, he said that he couldn’t understand why “learning, evolving, growing, and changing is thought to be such a bad thing, especially from a spiritual and religious point of view.” He said he now worships as an Anglo-Catholic.

People have given him many arguments to make him change his mind. However, he pointed out that it is ironic how conservative Christians who were intent on making life difficult for him tended to be the first to complain about persecution for going against the rights of gays.

“The whole experience boosted my empathy, deepened my faith, and gave me a vision and a perspective that I had not previously possessed but it also left a mark and one that, if I am candid, has yet to heal. Perhaps, however, that is for the best,” he said.

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