Christian Dating Tips For Men

Dating can be tough, as many of us have found out through different life’s experiences, it can also be the best thing you have ever experienced, and also the worst thing in the world.  Here are a few more tips that I have found out through life’s experiences that will hopefully save you some heartache, and help you grow closer to that special someone who you love!

First things first. Girls like to be treated like Girls. When I say this, I mean that everything you think of in classic movies, and gentlemen stuff, girls like that. If I where a guy taking a girl on a date, I would open the door for her. Even something so simple will show a girl a lot of courtesy, and show her that you care. When Men open Doors for Women it will show the Women that you care and respect for her.

Also complement her on her beauty. If you have asked her out, tell her she looks beautiful. Complement her on her outfit. Chances are if she likes you she probably spent a wile picking it out,  and getting ready just to see you! Being Dependable is also something that will get you a lot further then most of the other guys. Call when you say you will call, be there on time, doing little things like this will help build trust for her in you, and show her that you care.

One of the biggest things you can do for a girl is to call and make plans in advance. Don’t make her feel like a last minute plan. Call and set up your dates at least a Day in advance. By doing this you will show her that you respect her time, and care about what she is doing. Now, even I don’t fallow this rule all the time, and there will be cretin situations that you will make last minute plans and want to include a girl along.

Try not to do it all the time, I promise they will get tired of this, and become less interested.

By doing these small things, it will show that you care about her, and will show her that she is worthwhile to you. This also helps to build that important foundation of trust that every relationship needs. In the Christian dating world, these small things will help you get a lot further then most men these days.

Author- Tyler Judd
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