Christopher O’Brian

CHRISTOPHER JAMES O’BRIAN CURRENTLY LIVES IN VIRGINIA AND IN FLORIDA – He is Christopher James on Facebook. He is married to Angela O’Brian who used to be Angela OB on Facebook, but is now Angela Lynn because she is embarrassed by who she is married to. She is a realtor in Florida. He goes around pretending to be separated from his wife and in the middle of a divorce in order to gain sympathy and engage in sexual affairs. He lies and claims to be a spy for the United States while working overseas. Another lie! He makes up secret email accounts and changes them frequently claiming the counter spys are tracking him and how knowing him puts you in danger when in fact he is trying to keep his wife from discovering his affairs. He dates multiple women at one time and when you question him about his family vacations with his wife and kids he claims his kids don’t know about the divorce. All lies!!! He calls you using SKYPE saying it’s so the spys can’t listen in on his calls. Another lie, it’s because his wife is monitoring his phone records! He convinced me he loved me and we were going to be married. He even gave me a $7k engagement ring and then the night of our engagement party told me his ex wife was in the hospital because she attempted to kill herself so he couldn’t make it. Another lie! He didn’t want pictures exposing him. I met him in Virginia in Starbucks and he asked to sit at my table and pretend we were together because he was being followed. He is a liar!! Beware! His wife knows about all of his affairs and does nothing which is why he continues. He broke my heart! I was with him for a year before I found out he was dating 2 other women besides me and was still married. Everything he says is blaming someone else and all lies. If you meet this liar RUN!

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