Christy Beechler Hillsboro, Illinois

My husband works for a temp agency and one of his friends that also work there started talking and then she gave him her number. They started out texting then going to lunch. She was picking him up for work and bringing him home. He started coming home later. They work day shift. He added her to Facebook and he hide it from me.. Next thing I know he’s out all night and at her apartment because the kids told me he left. He wasn’t wanting sex and he started accusing me of messing around, he was going to the bar more often with “friends” when he was actually with her. I finally said something to him  and he just stood there and lied to my face. So me being the good Wife I am hacked all his accounts and then took pics of all the fb messages, the texts, phone calls and he still denied it. It came down to f*** this s***.

She is known at work as an easy piece of ass and if you got a dollar she’s on it.. She broke up a different marriage and was with him for awhile and cheated. Then next my husband. She is a nasty low life who like to break up homes. Guess what she can have him. He is nothing but a cheater. Cause the day we went to file for Divorce. We had sex yep. I got pics and videos. So not only did he cheat on me with her. He’s cheating on his nasty gf with the soon to be ex wife.



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5 thoughts on “Christy Beechler Hillsboro, Illinois

  1. Sugarbum143

    Nope… beer belly. Only the classiest bra-less land blobs can pull off that super sexy look.

  2. TheBlob

    Even I, the Blob, would look at that woman and feel she was a safe platonic friend for my man, because she is just not sexually attractive at all. Yes, even the guy here you all are calling ugly could do better. I just don’t get it.

  3. Kim

    The wife should of walked away from it and never did that. Women need to be better than that.

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