Cliff Taavi T Thoman


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Was on but he cancelled it so not available.

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Swedish. Married 27 years. Divorced. One daughter training to be a lawyer. He was an only child, father left when young. Engineer working on boats/ship’s as a maintenance contractor. Said he couldn’t meet for 3 weeks due to job in Philippines. He was very plausible, I was sceptical from the beginning and reported to but continued to string him along until he finally asked me to get vouchers so he could stay online, he wanted £100 worth and I refused. It was this refusal that He decided to stop communicating. He did everything that we are told to lookout for in a romance scammer. He also said He had got into my Facebook page and scrolled through all the photos, I thought this was impossible without befriending a person. He would get agitated at any questioning, would not entertain communicating by video or to sending up to date selfies. I have a copy of all what’s app communications but can’t find a way of attaching. I could forward by email? There are a couple of recoded messages he sent through on this. Phone numbers he gave me: 07520636673 07520637347 01513292718 he came from Liverpool arrived from Sweden 5 years ago Father was British and he said he too had British passport I cannot prove any of this true it is just what the person on the other end of the phone and what’s app told me. I never got to meet face to face as He is still supposed to be heading for Singapore then Bankok then Manila and home. I tried asking for the name of the ship but again He refused saying I was fishing and wanted to track him as I didn’t trust him. He did phone everyday and on one occasion I questioned him about a police siren I heard as he was at sea but he said it was the tv but he had very quickly muted the phone. I got a Swedish translation of good morning from Google and he responded in Swedish but he may have used the same method. It is a shame this happens as he seemed really nice but I did question once that I felt sometimes as though I was talking with different people as I got called Julie/love/babe. He called himself Clive once on the phone and What’s app. I did find a Clive Thoman on the internet but different picture.

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Unable to paste here can send file by email if you let me know how. Doing this from my phone. My first communications were on whats app but i blocked them when i first became suspicious i do have all the following ones though which have a couple recordings of his voice