25 thoughts on “Close Up: Online Dating Scam

  1. sweetie may

    SCAM WARNING: PLEASE ladies stop being desparate,if a man ask you for money before even meeting them it’s a scam simply go to the next guy.If a man tells you I finally found the love of his life and you only have chatted with him? for a couple of days trying to get money from you is coming soon go to the next guy. Bottom line never ever give anyone money that you have met online and some of this guys is bold enough to actually date you and in a few days they tell you they lost there jobs hahaha

  2. sudanesgal

    “baby i will never be the one to let you down
    ,i will never be the one to hurt? you”
    that sounds like a song lyrics

  3. MsStrawberries69

    When you let these people scam you it’s just proves to them that Americans are stupid and lazy and they don’t care about what happens to theirmoney. Those people laugh on the? other side when they pitch their lies and Americans believes it.? The money that they scam out of us they send the money to terrorist, crime gangs and keep some of them money to use to feed their family and the entire citizen in Lagos. Nigeria and other places

  4. kay poly

    this stank white bitch deserves all she got,noticed how superficial she is? when when said he wrote the man cause of his looks,women like this actually ducks numerous good men they run into in real? life only to go home and sit infront of a screen and pick a “perfect” goodlooking and rich dark-haired man and hoping they got the prince charming,ohh am sorry,actually they do but its called “prince scamming”.lol!

  5. TheMostEpicNameEver

    are you telling me women are not just? for sex?

  6. gnbilios

    any nigerian complaining to me he got robbed or? he is short of money my response would be..YOU POOR C*NT

  7. gnbilios

    isn’t interesting to know that nigerian scammers always get away? with it even when they get caught..owh you poor thing? we’ll let you off!!

  8. gnbilios

    as soon they ask for money its a scam..owh you poor thing here’s some money..a? little more help you? just a little more? a little more? a little more?

  9. jean harlow

    i dont know why? you have problems dating, you have a nice personality,smart and pretty is just extra which of course you are.

  10. Paul Zaj

    LOL hehe thats a scam you should have asked you do jobs? like this but cash up-front then you could have kept his money and not turned up lol why are there so many scammers in this world hehehehe they are funny and entertaining to me but alot of people fall for them as they arent as switched on as me I never send anything first thats %100 scam

  11. TheMightyKilokahn

    What ever happened to meeting people? through friends?

  12. MyNick4life

    Nigerians are funny LOL. Nigerian? thug life. Those white men gave their photos to Nigerians there friends.

  13. jack smith

    ‘father who died’ a sick mother? ‘ wtf is incredible about that ? happens all the time .

  14. CoreFinder100

    play with these scammer’s and get them to send you some money first.. Its good that little NZ doesn’t get many of them. I needed some work so posted? wanted job on gumtree.co.nz and got someone saying you can look after my farm for $800 a day for a week and that he would talk to the guys on the farm to know I was coming and wanted me to send him a picture of myself. I thought that was strange, he didn’t get someone else he knows to do the work plus wanted a photo? I didn’t contact him back

  15. CoreFinder100

    woman are too? picky on guys.. they want the “perfect” guy who has money/good looks.. Woman who are older should be wiser and not getting caught up in a bad love story and then the guy asks for money and will “promise” to pay it back… Going online and chatting with strangers is bad, I don’t have a Facebook account so nobody sees my personal stuff, I like to remain anonymous so its a lot harder to scam me

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