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By Amelia Rose Ritthaler

Fall has arrived in Toronto leaving singles everywhere scouring to find themselves a boo before it gets too cold to leave their basement apartments. The increased popularity of the astrology social app, Co-Star, has wrenched this cuffing season as young adults everywhere refuse to date anyone that Co-Star says they aren’t compatible with. 

Sophia Watson, Aquarius and third-year film studies student, ghosted her Tinder date after he revealed he was a Taurus. Sophia said she had never fallen deeper in love with someone faster but that she wasn’t willing to look past what her Co-Star told her wasn’t right for her. “I might have been able to ignore it if he was a Taurus rising but a Taurus sun is unforgivable,” Sophia exclaimed. After downloading Co-Star four months ago, Sophia has relied on the apps’ daily messages to determine every choice she makes.

Co-Star’s quick rise to fame was largely due to its abrasive daily notifications. University students cling to its daily drags of them as the app acts as a pseudo-parent. As older religions fade out on Generation Z, Co-Star has swung in to be this generation’s Irish Catholicism. In today’s climate, students salivate for any opportunity to be given a life direction, no matter how crude or wrong the app appears to be at times.

First-year sociology student Mikael Jasil was abruptly cancelled by his potential cuffing season boyfriend after he got a notification from Co-Star saying “Get on a plane ticket and just go.” 

Mikael is not the only person to be red-lined by Co-Star. Over 470 Ryerson students reported finding this year’s cuffing season to be more difficult than previous years due to the app. 

However, Co-Star has made cuffing season less lonely for some. After an awful first date, two first-year undeclared arts students with nothing to lose said “When we added each other on Co-Star and found out I’m an Aries and she’s a Gemini, we knew we had to keep dating. Co-Star is obviously much smarter than our own intuition.” The couple say they hate each other’s company and have yet to have a positive interaction with one another but are waiting on the end of Mercury retrograde to decide on the future of their relationship.

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