COD Black Ops 2 – The Manti Te’o Shock Worldwide #TeamAntoDaBoss


Follow me on TWITTER !!!!! – Welcome to another Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Gameplay. Make sure you give this video a thumbs up. In this call of duty series, i will be bringing out alot of online gameplay including zombies. We will be doing subscriber sessions and livestream where you the viewer will have an opportunity to play with me. Hope you guys enjoy it! Follow AntoDaBoss on Twitter ? Like AntoDaBoss on Facebook ? Extra Tags: MLB 12 Road To The Show Creation of My Player AntoDaBoss Episode 2k12 nba commentary career mode live sports machinima madden 13 supertar mode franchise quick match first look gameplay trailer “How To” “Tips & Tricks” Noob Glitch Rage” XBOX 360″ PS3 Commentary Gameplay how to antodaboss chris smoove jeremy lin vs miami heat lebron


24 thoughts on “COD Black Ops 2 – The Manti Te’o Shock Worldwide #TeamAntoDaBoss

  1. Rafael Lopez

    please message back or? answer please tell me your attachments

  2. TheNHLKid28

    ya? ik but his channel said he lives in the us must of moved

  3. Dawood Tariq

    He said that he wasn’t in the? beginning of the video.

  4. Jacob Sepka

    It’s just a speculation. I just thought it would be interesting if it? turned out he was though.

  5. M4tASU3GRAS

    @xgptcww You know he is the awesome. but listen i am very glad that i? got a jersey of NFL a high quality one without a dime

  6. xViTaLvGaming

    THAT WOULD BE GREAT i want te’o to head off to the Bears but Te’o will be a first round pick and i dont know what the draft? is going to be like

  7. xViTaLvGaming

    Fuck off who gives a shit anyway if he was gay it? dosent matter

  8. xViTaLvGaming

    you couldnt have possibly seen all the girls on campus dont judge a whole group of irls? at a college becuase you saw 5% of the girls there

  9. xViTaLvGaming

    How? If you accualy did research before you comment you would know he had an online relationship with her but she was a fake account and of course you know what people are like on the internet the person behinde the false account knew Te’o was obviously famous and decided to fuck with him and people are acting like this makes him not a good football player he still played a great game and had a great year this wont effect his draft statis and fuck you you did what Anto? told you not to do

  10. TheJbirddude867

    He did this to make? himself look like a hero

  11. TheJbirddude867

    @shermanlewis02 so? you’re a slave to antodaboss now?

  12. Will Slonneger

    well if any of you guys have been to notre dame you probably know that the women their r not pretty?

  13. shermanlewis02

    Y are y’all fucking making fun of him and antodaboss? said don’t talk about him

  14. Jacob Sepka

    I think that he was gay. He goes to a Catholic school so he would be rendered an outcast by his teammates if they found out. And he’s mormon so his religion isn’t already popular with many people. How crazy would it be if he was gay? and his “girlfriend” was Jerry Sandusky. :0

  15. Tod Shots

    Always remember “Run away and live to fight? another day”

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