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Colton enlisted the help of his nana while going through a dating app, and she had strong opinions about which men were good enough for her grandson.

Ever since Colton Underwood came out as gay, the former lead of The Bachelor has been adjusting to a new dating pool, and luckily he has his nana to help him out. Dating apps can be difficult to manage for non-famous people, and it must be even harder for someone with the level of clout that Colton has. It’s not uncommon for relatives to meddle in the dating lives of their family members, and Colton’s nana is proving to be an opinionated assistant as Colton navigates the treacherous waters of Tinder.

Colton was the lead of The Bachelor season 23, and though he ended up with contestant Cassie Randolph in the end, all was not right. According to the former Bachelor, he was struggling with his sexual identity the entire time and found himself in a very dark place. After some truly problematic behavior and a restraining order levied against him by Cassie, Colton retreated from public life. But in April, Colton went on Good Morning America to reveal that he is gay and finally able to show his true self to the world.

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On Instagram, Colton shared a video of himself and his nana swiping through Tinder together, and nana was awfully picky. “No, definitely no…oh god no…that’s the first maybe I’ve seen out of all of these…they’re all so old…he looked a little happy but no…that would be a big fat no,” Colton’s nana commented as he went through scores of Tinder profiles with her. There were a lot of  noes from nana, and the yeses were nonexistent. “Now do you see why I’m single?” Colton jokingly asked his her.

It’s great to see Colton in such high spirits, and it’s probably due at least in part to the fact that his nana is so supportive of his sexual orientation and dating life. It’s always the darkest before the dawn, and for Colton, things were bad before he came out. Colton was blackmailed at one point, and it helped push him towards his ultimate decision to be open and honest with himself and the world. Especially during Pride Month, it’s encouraging to see a newly-out gay man get such enthusiastic support from their family.

Though Colton had a difficult journey coming out, it appears that the former lead of The Bachelor is happier than ever. It was a long road and Colton did some awful things along the way that should not be excused, but his coming out journey surely will inspire at least one person out there to do the same. Colton has become his fully-realized self, and his ex-girlfriend Cassie has moved on to a new relationship. Colton’s nana is who people everywhere should aspire to be—understanding and fully supportive of their family members’ sexual orientations.

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Source: Colton Underwood/Instagram

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