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To celebrate Women’s History Month the love doctors are here with a special edition dedicated to the ladies. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, we hope these questions will bring clarity to your love life or be the fuel that sparks a new flame. 

When do I distinguish between caring for my partner and caring for myself?

Being in a relationship means supporting each other through the best and worst days. Sometimes, your partner is going through it and they need the additional comfort and attention. In those cases, be the support system they so desperately need. 

However, you could be having a bad day or week and not have the energy to care for your partner and yourself simultaneously. As much as you want to care for your significant other’s needs, it’s crucial that you set boundaries and communicate clearly. 

By letting your partner know when you’re feeling down and in need of extra support, or when you need to practice some self-care, you’re making sure that they understand where your heart is, and that helps avoid any miscommunication. 

Should I be friends with my ex?


Love and Tinder: myth or reality? 

In the age of online dating, many of us have turned to dating apps like Tinder to cure our loneliness. While we continue to socially distance and stay at home, swiping left and right can be a fun way to get your flirt on and meet people. But, if you’re swiping on Tinder in hopes of finding the love of your life, you might need a reality check. 

There may be many people who formed lasting relationships through the popular app, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for the majority of online daters. Looking for a good connection in a sea of dating matches seeking hookups will leave you disappointed. 

If you’re searching for love, the doctors prescribe keeping an open mind as you meet mutual friends or people in various areas of your life. Whether it’s at work, through online school or virtual events, you might just find that connection you’ve been searching for. 

If you’d rather stick with online dating profiles, remember not to take things too seriously. Don’t expect too much and just have fun with it. 

Is he the one?

If you’re contemplating this enough to ask us, you already have your answer. When you know, you’ll know. And you clearly don’t.

How do you shoot your shot?

The best way to shoot your shot depends on who you’re trying to score. If the scenario happens to be that you have overwhelming feelings for someone already close to you, the love doctors prescribe a heavy dose of “be honest” with a side of “know what you are risking” to ease the side effects.

Shooting your shot with a stranger is a completely different story.

First and foremost, first impressions matter. We advise being yourself and being so unapologetically you that your crush has no choice but to notice. But in the event that they have terrible vision, a simple introduction goes a long way in breaking the ice. 

Maybe words aren’t your forte so we got you covered with this sweet, straight to the point, intro: “Hi my name is (insert your name) and I think you are (insert compliment). Would you like to hang out sometime?”

Disclaimer: we are not responsible for any heartbreak or marriage vows that may arise from the previous sentence. Most importantly, don’t forget to smile. A genuine smile will be appreciated by all parties involved. 

How do you ask “What are we?” 

You say “What are we?”

Let’s be real ladies. We know there’s only one right answer to this question and it should not be hard to ask if you’re with someone who knows what healthy communication looks like. If that person can’t give you a clear answer, there is no relationship to define. 

How do you know when it’s over?

We hate to admit this, but we don’t actually have a Ph.D in love. Not that we need one to know that there is a lack of it in your relationship’s current state.

As nonmedical professionals who specialize in the emotional stability of cardiatrics, we would be sacrificing our integrity if we weren’t honest with you. Imagine if you have a terminal disease. Your doctor would let you know that you’re dying and give you options on how to proceed.

Your love doctors are telling you that your relationship is dying. If you are wondering if it’s over, you haven’t admitted to yourself that it is. Lack of medical degrees aside, our diagnosis has yet to be wrong. 

How do you stop trying to impress someone that hurt you?  

Forgive that someone for hurting you. But also forgive yourself for tolerating it, or for still missing them. 

Detaching yourself is difficult, not because of how amazing you think they are, but because you are scared of who you’ll be without them in your life.

But what do we know? We’re just amateur love doctors.

Whether your relationship desperately needs resuscitation or you’re searching for new ways to inject some fun into your nonexistent dating life, we are here to answer every burning question. 

But the love doctors want to remind you that the most important love in your life should be the love you have for yourself.

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