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PUBLISHED: 14:49 27 January 2020 | UPDATED: 15:50 27 January 2020

Comedian Jim Davidson (pictured) slammed his gig at the GER Club in March in a hilarious Facebook video. Picture: PA/Ian West/Jim Davidson

PA/Ian West/Jim Davidson

Comedian Jim Davidson caused fury by comparing – unfavourably -his sell out show at the GER Club in March to the 1970s TV show the Wheeltappers and Shunters Club.

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Comedian Jim Davidson (pictured enterting the Big Brother house) slammed his gig at the GER Club in March in a hilarious Facebook video. Picture: PA/Ian West

Believing his agent had booked him for a private function near Cambridge he was less than flattered to discover he was “miles in the middle of nowhere and nearer Norway than Cambridge”.

After peeking inside the club he made a hasty retreat to his car to record a video for his Facebook page to reflect on how to make a quick exit.

“I can’t even drive away as people are queuing up behind me,” he groaned before a series of expletives about March, the club, the organisation, and the quandary of what to do next.

His video – later removed from his Facebook page – caused outrage when it was shared locally, with his belittling of the organisers and his less than flattering description of the people who had paid £40 a head to see him.

Comedian Jim Davidson (pictured) slammed his gig at the GER Club in March in a hilarious Facebook video. Picture: Facebook/Jim Davidson

Booked for two 45 minute acts, he said he told club officials he would go on once and for as long or as short a time as he felt and they could keep their money.

On Sunday Davidson revised his view of March and despite being paid several thousands of pounds had this to say.

“Last night was a lesson,” he wrote. “Never believe your agent, never pause while talking or people get up for a pee and never talk to people on the front Row table with a bottle of brandy on the table who then fell asleep.”

He said: “It was like a trip back to the 70’s. The nice women insisted I did two spots! it was like the wheeltappers. I could not let the audience down. I told the women I would do one 90 minute spot. The PA system was (not good),the lights non existent and people had great jugs of beer on the tables.

“In the end I had to put the house lights up so they can see me and shout so they could hear me. “I got a standing ovation.”

Davidson said when he used an expletive – edited out – on the video to refer to those who had blocked him in, he said he corrected it by describing them as “nice people. But for you moaners just keep saying the bit that allows you to gob off.”

And he concluded his rant by noting that “no one died!”.

Jamie Davies wrote on Davidson’s Facebook page: “You were totally rude in your what’s app to all the people of March. What is the difference between playing a club or a theatre you still got the same money shame on you.”

Elizabeth Davidson posted: “Ummm you do realise Jim is a comedian don’t you? Towns & their people get slated in pantos too…they just use child friendly language. Sigh”.

But Joy Nulty said she was “still laughing when I was putting my jim jams on which took a while after a few Southern Comforts”.

Natalie Green “made it to the toilet without you targeting me so….winner”.

And Benji Jones said: “You were grumpy, rude, all of above etc etc…..but that’s why we wanted to come see you, that’s what makes you so bloody funny!”.

Paul Hicks also paid £40 to see him and advised that you “remember you started in places like this. Just think on this for a minute.

Last word went to Stuart Harris who noted that “apparently the meat raffle was a blinder”.

Organiser Rose Hopkins wrote on Facebook that “I would like to thank everyone that supported the evening and to apologise for the lateness of entry into the hall; this was due to an issue with Jim not wanting to perform at a working man’s club.”

She added: “He did perform and it was a good 90 minutes performance; you were a brilliant crowd and proved him wrong (for those of you that have seen what he said on his video)

“People of March and surrounding area are one of the best and I thank you for your support and patience and to the GER committee and staff for all your help, much appreciated one and all.”

In 2014 Davidson named winner of TV’s Celebrity Big Brother a year after being unable to appear after his arrest over sex offence claims.

Davidson, who was told in August he would not be facing charges over allegations dating back more than 20 years, beat former N-Dubz singer Dappy.

After the reality TV show viewer vote, he said: “I should have gone in last year but I was unavoidably detained.”

He added: “I’m slightly damaged because of that. Truth will conquer all.” Those who missed him at the GER can catch his tour in King’s Lynn in March.

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