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Comedian Samantha Pressdee is calling for submissions from comedians for a new reality dating show. The show follows campaigner and comedian Pressdee as she launches her new #loveinlockdown campaign

She says “My heart bleeds for all these comedians who are now professionally homeless, so I have decided to adopt one.”  

As well as her #loveinlockdown campaign, Samantha has launched her own dating service Plenty of Catfish. See clip below. 

Her video has already received some interesting responses; 

“Might want to leave the mask on slightly longer for that extra erotic charge. As it emphasises your eyes.” – Mark Penfold Simpson

“I think someone who argues with their dog is pretty irresistible!!!” – Charles Derbyshire

And some inspiring advice;  

“Why were (sic) a mask in doors (sic), it’s about as much use as a cat flap on a submarine.” – Mike Wight 

Potential suitors should submit a video dating profile to Plenty Of Catfish. Answering the same questions as Samantha via [email protected] 

The series will be broadcast on Youtube, Facebook and IGTV, potentially reaching an audience of thousands. A fee will be paid for content used. (Plenty of Catfish is not a gigolo service.) 

Episodes will feature Samantha’s reaction to dating profiles and then a Skype date. If recent popular dating shows are any indication, this will be followed be the wedding. This could be the worlds first social media wedding.

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