Communications Director Says Online Dating is the Future


According to a 2015 eHarmony relationship study, online dating is the second most popular way to meeting new partners. Dr. Schultz gives tips to making a cyber relationship¬†successful in person. “One is to have a heart full of gratitude, people are attracted to others who are grateful. Second is to be a really good listener, that means to pay attention to other people and to get to know them. The third is timing, because often with dating we try to rush things,” said Dr. Quentin Schultze, director of the Center for Servant Leadership Communication.

His theme is “Love the Photo, Don’t Like the Scent”, or that someone may be different in person than online. Proof of this is shown in the MTV show Catfish, that shows internet dating can be deceiving. “You don’t really know the person for them, you just know the person that they’re putting a front to be, so it’s not really they’re actual self,” said Bluffton University sophomore, D’Nae Reese. “I mean I have social media, like Instagram, Facebook, but I don’t try to make a relationship with it. There can be a lot of fake people out there, you know someone says they’re this but they’re something else, and I just don’t trust that,” said sophomore Eric Benge at Bluffton University.

Schultze says if you follow his tips, online dating is the future for starting relationships. “So, be prepared for some shockers but also be prepared for some really fine things that you might like about a person that you didn’t even know about online,” said Schultze.



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