Compilation of Russian Scammers with Trophy Pictures

These are photos supplied to me by Russian Scammers with the girls who were actually involved helping them con men into parting with money holding signs to my baiting personas. The Scams are run by gangs of men in Yoshkar Ola who use either stolen photos or local girls who are paid to pose for the pictures used to “hook” men and convince them to send money

23 thoughts on “Compilation of Russian Scammers with Trophy Pictures

  1. rich smith

    russia is a plane? ride away
    why are people conned
    we live in 2012

  2. pennypacker93

    ua dreams com is a scam the? girls profiles fake beware

  3. Reggie O

    Love the “signs”! I hope all men are not FOOLED by photoshopped insertion of name? on background card! Wise up guys, use your head, not your penis! That can come later when you know she is real! What a laugh!

  4. iloveusa55

    Thank you for your advise and also I want to say that some sites are scammers.They entice you to register as free so you will see that you received message from a very cute girls and you contact? them with your contact information but they want you to pay in the site.I did it in one of this sites before and although I wrote in my profile that any girl wants to establish a relationship with me should send me her email or cell number nobody did

  5. bowmaker11

    laughable ! I know a silly old cunt who actually fell for a russian scammer,he flew out to? russia from uk ,got a long train journey fell over in the snow and nearly died of exposure and after all that she wasn’t there ! haha.
    a thai bitch got him in the end,hook line and sinker ! and all for that smelly little hole! haha.

  6. therealrichroc

    hahahahahaha every time i get a email like this. I tell them how i am satanic and all the evil i do. It fun messing with them and? not offer shit.. it so fun.

  7. RussianBrideReality

    Do NOT trust any company online who claims you can actually meet the beautiful women you see in their database. Unfortunately in most the cases the lady you see in the photo is NOT the one answering those overpriced e-mails. It’s often a company employee, maybe even a man! Trying to bait you into a phony online romance so you keep spending money.
    Be smart. It’s just entertainment and not much? different than phone sex.
    Check out my FREE videos on this topic.

  8. mptrax

    Guys… do you know if is available an ONLINE LIST of RUSSIAN GIRLS SCAMMERS?
    I found one but Now? I am unable to find it. Many many thanks.

  9. ESLDatingDiaries

    I love reading their e-mails, it’s so artistic,? yet amusing they way they reconstruct the language. It sucks that most of the scammers now are Nigerian, they’re nowhere near as funny as the Russians!

  10. rusromans1

    you don’t need? to go to Russia to find nice single Russian girl, Can find in USA and in UK!

  11. Scott Rogering

    I havent struck a yahoo email addres to be real yet , you can tell they are fake straight? up

  12. britgentleman1

    yes lots of them are scammers- but lots are genuine- find a good agency (yes agency- not a random website) also even if u go meet a russian girl for a date- she might also be taking you for a ride- meals, clothes etc….or worse still she already has a boyfreind and the big plan is to marry you- move to your country and then divorce you taking money and then her real boyfreind moves to your country and they live happily ever after. For me the? culture differnce with Russian gals is too much..

  13. innHD

    real love is skin deep. You cant put a price on love. If you look for it needlessly? expectations run high and you just get hurt in the end. Love just happens wether you like it or not

  14. PeteJernigan

    We provide best? Russain online women marriage service

  15. mozmoz52

    dont atteracted to these theives ..they? are not special !!!!! european and western girls more beautioful and attractive

  16. gs032009

    I’m corresponding with a pretty russian girl! I have photos and I even have an address. How can I tell there’s a scam? I need some pointers on this.? The photos are not from a model and they look very genuine. No money request- so far. Where do I find a good list of the scammers with photos?

  17. oldchevyw

    alot of the time it is the russian mafia doing this and they are not women,you can find sites with picyures,punch in russian? scammers ,I busted a few on line and they deleted their profiles but they look and get another picture and move on

  18. stonewall97

    If i am going to find a Russian or Ukrainian bride i will just visit there and find one…. using a dating? service agent to help me contact women of course.

  19. needparalegal

    These poor guys must be lonely to send? money to someone they have never met.

  20. syetamir

    wow!thanx for helping dude!!good luck,keep up? doing nice job!

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