Conversation with a American woman

This video is about a scam that is very popular among women today this scam is called the “guy friend scam” some men know about this while many do not. However women are aware of this and any man that questions a women about guy friends will get a very {defensive} response from her and usually will bring the word “controlling” into the conversation. By using the word controlling a woman can put fear into a man because a man knows the term controlling can be related to abuse against a woman and he could go to jail if she was to call in this supposed abuse. However the guy friend scam is just a simple scam women use to have their cake and eat it to. She can have a whole line up of guys some for money,some for sex,some for back ups etc etc while still being in a relationship. Meanwhile the man she is in a relationship with is totally oblivious to what she is doing thinking that everything is normal. Most men who have reported being cheated on nine out of ten women cheated with a supposed guy friend that either the boyfriend or husband thought was harmless or sometimes even gay. If a man has a gut feeling about something there is probably a good chance there is a reason why. A man has every right to question a woman and if a woman says different then she is simply hiding something. A man is not controlling just for asking a question about a woman he is supposedly with. Most women will not admit to this scam because it is used very frequently but however some men have

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