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  • This building at 616 S. Tejon St. has just gone up for lease as Coquette’s heads north to 302 E. Platte Ave.

Just a couple months ago we wrote about how Coquette’s Bistro had announced a closure and downsizing, before loyal customers effectively talked them out of it.

But in the weird new world of planning around Covid-19, nothing remains certain. And Coquette’s has decided to pivot yet again, with plans to become Coquette’s Bakery & Bistrette (formerly Coquette’s Bistro & Bakery) at 302 E. Platte Ave., in the former Cupcake Girls spot. They’re putting their current location at 616 S. Tejon St. up for lease soon; for now they remain open for service — until a projected mid-to-late August launch at the new spot.

Co-owner Michelle Marx and her daughter Turu have bought the building and are underway with structural upgrades. The plan calls for cessation of being a restaurant/eatery and instead becoming a retail grab-and-go with future delivery services as well. The market would feature items like house gluten-free flours, the beloved GF cupcakes and pastry items, plus “hot favorites, (ie: chicken tenders, fish n chips), simple crepes, frozen foods, fresh juice and [an] anti-oxidant menu,” notes a release. 

When I speak with Marx, she notes they’ll pass their 11th anniversary in business (dating back to their original Manitou Springs spot) on August 15th — she’s not yet sure they’ll hit the mark to open in celebration of it — follow their Facebook page for updates.

“This is a great spot,” she says, noting expansion plans for the nearby YMCA. “We’re waiting out some construction but in the long haul this makes a lot of sense. We’re gonna have fun with it and do unique baked things. Since we’re spending less time on the [restaurant] part, we’ll spend more time on the take-home stuff.”

When asked about the change in plans again from just two months ago, Marx says “We’re reshaping. The signs of the times are pointing this direction. A lot of this makes sense for us. We’re homeschooling, there’s a lot unknown, I’m getting older — we’ve had to readjust our thinking, we aren’t in the position to be open and closed repeatedly. So we’ve decided to have more fun with it again. This will be something that allows us to have a family life and better life in general.”

Though Coquette’s plans to roll out versions of its biggest hits from over the years, Marx says not to expect everything on tap the moment the doors open. She wants to understand the new location a little better and roll items out as they make sense.

“It’s always a work in progress,” she says, noting more things to look out for, such as soft serve ice cream with various compotes to take for topping, plus make-your-own crepe kits with sweet filling options. 

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