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March 04, 2020 09:39:14

The popular dating app Tinder is urging people to “maintain a social distance” at public gatherings in response to the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

Key points:

  • Tinder is doling out health tips when users swipe through dating profiles
  • Tips include using hand sanitiser, washing hands and “maintaining distance”
  • Users are asking what the advice to “maintain a social distance” really means

The coronavirus has claimed the lives of more than 3,000 people in 50 countries so far.

Tinder has recently responded by providing advice to users about how to protect themselves against the deadly illness.

An advertisement posted on the platform said while Tinder wanted people to “continue having fun”, protecting themselves was more important.

It has recommended its users wash their hands, use hand sanitiser, avoid touching their faces, and “maintain a social distance” at public gatherings.

The advertisement also includes a link to the World Health Organisation’s official information page.

Social media platforms have become conduits for both good and bad information, but this latest bid to share health information on an app popular among millennials seeking dates and friends has raised eyebrows.

Users have already taken to social media platforms to respond to the advertisement, many with a light-hearted take.

Some have asked Tinder to define what “a social distance” means.

Tinder, owned by US-based Match Group, had an average of 5.9 million users globally in the three months to December 2019.

Total revenue for the group, which specialises in online dating platforms, was $2.1 billion, of which Tinder made up $1.2 billion.

Tinder is not the only social platform sharing information about Coronavirus with its users.

Searching Twitter in Australia places a link to the Australian Department of Health and another to the World Health Organisation (WHO) at the top of your results.

Facebook has taken similar steps, linking users who search the term “Coronavirus” through to the WHO.

While also linking users to verified information, social media and apps have played an important role in China, where quarantine measures taken by the government have seen people stay indoors for extended periods.

Amid the global crisis people have turned to creative ways to combat isolation and boredom by exercising and socialising in the online world.

Tinder has been approached for comment.

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