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you’ve been stranded on a desert island since the start of year, there is no
way to have missed the breaking  news about Coronavirus (COVID-19).Not
since the great Spanish flu in 1918 has influenza been recorded to be as
destructive and contagious as COVID-19. Now the contagion has been officially
declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) and thus top
lawmakers, doctors, government officials have imposed mandatory quarantines
worldwide. Several countries have taken this literally including Italy, Spain,
and France, and now Silicon Valley, the hub of the world tech-industry now more
closely resembles a ghost-town as opposed to the digital mecca it is
universally known for. 

Apple and Twitter, have requested that all employees work remotely. Google
however took it to a step further and banned all visitors from their Silicon
Valley and New York offices. The United States is in the process of closing
schools, bars, restaurants and stores which are all complying with an edict
from Governor Newsom issuing a mandatory quarantine unless citizens venture out
to shop for food or  medical appointments. 
Already, professional sports leagues are suspending their seasons,
virtually cancelling both the Stanley Cup Playoffs (NHL) and the NBA Finals
(NBA) both of which get underway in March with Finals in June. Major League
Baseball (MLB) has cancelled spring training until further notice and for the
first time in history, the NCAA president Mark Emmert and the Board of
Governors announced  that all Division I
men’s and women’s 2020 basketball tournaments have been cancelled including
March Madness.   

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markets are in turmoil as the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average
have entered bear market territory for the first time since 2008.. People are
selling so quickly that the market has had to institute its emergency trading halts several times in the past
few weeks. These triggers come into play when the market drops by more than 7
percent.. Many reliable companies have gone red in the span of just a few
weeks. On the other hand, there are other industries that might actually see a

Clorox, Lysol and Purrell all boasting considerable gains- to be expected- and
Big-box retailers like Costco and Sam’s Club having to close stores early to
allow employees to replenish bare shelves from hordes of panic buyers…again,
no shock here. The one industry  that seems to have blindsided most
analysts is the dating industry. Huh? Yep, not a typo. In times of crisis,
people instinctively seek out one another looking for reassurance, comfort and
companionship. This was true following the attacks of September 11th, 2001 where total strangers
embraced one another while they tried in vain to make sense of a tragic

one wants to go through adversity alone. Universal pain and suffering
seems to be the great equalizer…your three-million-dollar house in Palo Alto
with the coveted zip code can’t save you. Neither can your boat, Range Rover,
Harley or Tesla. When President Trump placed a mandatory travel ban on all
flights from Europe for the next thirty days, folks could be seen begging, then
ultimately paying up to twenty-thousand-dollars for a ticket home to the US.
Dire straits tend to offer those willing to see a clear perspective. Nothing is
more important than being with those you love. Nothing is more comforting than
being with those we trust in uncertain times.  

is why business is booming for go-to personal search firm  Kelleher
Based in Silicon Valley and boasting offices in London, Stockholm, New York,
Beverly Hills, Boston and their flagship located in the heart of Silicon
Valley, in Marin County, ,California. The firm is the uber hush-hush choice
of  A-listers, Fortune 500 CEOs as well as 
household name athletes and celebrities. This a unique population that
can be severely impacted by the issues surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.
They are simply looking for companionship to help them through a difficult
time. This is one of the major reasons why the dating industry sees a major
boost during times of crisis. With so few people able to go outside in public,
particularly with bars and restaurants closing, there are limited opportunities
for human interaction. Kelleher represents a respite from the crisis unfolding
not only in the United States but all over the world.

While the coronavirus pandemic has triggered the shutdown of numerous industries and has contributed to a global financial emergency, the dating industry is actually one of the lucky few that will likely see a financial uptick in business. During times of crisis, the human instinct is to reach out for fellowship,comfort and relationship with the rest of humanity. No one wants to end up quite literally alone. If there is a brightside to an otherwise frightening set of circumstances, it’s coming to the realization individually that there is absolutely nothing more valuable or important than love.

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