Couple find ‘a real #sense #of #belonging’ after move to Launceston

Everything is better in Launceston, says Daniela Cavaletti.

Cavalletti Communications founder Mrs Cavalletti and her husband, New Perspectives business coach Roland Hanekroot, made the choice to move to Launceston in May, and have not looked back since.

Both Mrs Cavalletti and Mr Hanekroot hail from Europe, but met in Sydney in 2008.

Mr Hanekroot said he had lived in Sydney since 1984 since moving to Australia with his now ex-wife.

Mrs Cavalletti decided to move to Australia as she needed a change after growing up in Germany, living in England, and traveling the world. She moved to Sydney in 2002.

The two met through an online dating site.

“I asked her to marry me six weeks after we met,” Mr Hanekroot said.

“I said yes, straight away,” Mrs Cavalletti said.

The two got married in 2010. After years of living in Sydney, however, they had the idea to escape Sydney’s high rental and property prices by buying a house elsewhere.

After considering cities such as Orange and Newcastle, the two decided on Launceston. The pair made the move in May.

“We just fell in love with Launceston,” Mr Hanekroot said.

“[It’s] the perfect balance between city and small town, the climate, the food and lifestyle, the vibrant business community, the beautiful surrounding area.”

“We looked at Hobart too, but Launceston just felt right straight away,” Mrs Cavalletti said.

Mr Hanekroot said he’s enjoyed discovering towns such as Evandale and Deloraine.

“I love the kind of European feel of those small towns,” he said.

Mrs Cavalletti said she felt as though she had “found her people” by moving to Tasmania.

“It’s been a great experience – and a relief,” she said.

“Making such a big move and change in your life doesn’t come without a few wobbles, wondering whether you made the right decision. We definitely did.

“A lot of the daily pressure has fallen off, for example with less traffic to battle and shorter daily distances to cover in Launceston. 

“But, perhaps the most surprising [thing] was just how much people have gone out of their way to help us settle in, introduce us to their network and families, and become part of the community.

“There’s a real, authentic sense of belonging and community spirit.”

Though Mrs Cavalletti and Mr Hanekroot said they missed their family in Sydney, they now had many people lining up to visit them in Launceston.

“Everything is better in Launceston,” she said.