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Sheldon, 49, at his 26-year-old girlfriend’s university graduation (Picture: MDWfeatures / Sheldon Owen)

A couple with a 23-year age gap was so inspired by their own story, they started a business to allow others to find older and younger lovers.

CEO Sheldon Owen, 49, and professional digital marketer, Shanice Rivers, 26, are business partners and have come up with an age-difference dating app.

The couple, from California, got engaged this year after meeting three years ago while Shanice was visiting the state.

With a whirlwind engagement, they are now planning on getting married in 2020 and have already decided to try for a baby soon after their wedding.

After talking to different people looking for ‘real love’ who were tired of apps like Tinder, they came up with a dating app targeted specifically for age gap couples like themselves.

They have now set up an Instagram account based on their app and a website.

After chatting with other successful relationships and discovering that age gap relationships have a high success rate, they decided to start their venture.

Through Sheldon’s connection with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn, they managed to raise over £80,300 ($100,000,000) for the app.

The couple are now engaged and want other similar couples to embrace their love (Picture: MDWfeatures / Sheldon Owen)

Sheldon explained: ‘Our journey as an age gap interracial couple has been interesting, to say the least. Most of the negative feedback we received has come from complete strangers.

‘Both of our families support our relationship and think we make a great couple. However, society, on the other hand, seems to have a different opinion.

‘We get two types of ignorant judgments one is based on our age gap and number two is based on our interracial relationship. Neither bothers us, because we are in love and we hope to have a family together soon.

‘Shanice is an old soul and is extremely mature, while I am a youthful forty-nine-year-old with a great attitude towards life.’

The app will be launched in the next few months, aimed at those who want a person five years or more older or younger than them (Picture: MDWfeatures / Sheldon Owen)

The app, dedicated to the age gap community, will be called iagegap and is hoped to be rolled out globally.

Any relationship with five years between them is considered having an age gap, according to Sheldon and Shenice who surveyed 1,000 people that agreed.

‘We have clearly identified a niche market in the dating industry, and we happen to be the ideal poster children for an app like this to exist,’ added Sheldon.

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‘When you take this survey into consideration, one can argue that age gap relationships have existed broadly in the world for years, but for some reason, society has made it taboo. Our goal is to change that negative stigma.

‘We also learned that age gap relationships exist in many cultures and races, therefore we felt that was a great name to embody the full spectrum of our goal, which is to connect real people looking for real love, regardless of their age differences.’

The iagegap Instagram page is live and the app is in its coding stage, set to launch in 2020.

Sheldon continued: ‘We are an educated couple working on making a better life for ourselves and we have been blessed in many ways, including the obvious blessing of meeting each other.

‘If a couple like us can randomly meet and become extremely happy; then why not build a better dating experience dedicated to helping other people find their soulmates?’

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