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A married couple searching for another woman on dating apps to complete their marriage have denied being “swingers”.

Professional dancers Melia and Sammy Lucid, both 30, insist they’re looking for love in their pursuit of a polyamorous triad.

The pair met on a blind date aged 18 and quickly moved in together before getting married in 2013.

Conversations about adding a third party to the bedroom began as pillow talk in 2016, when Melia expressed an interest in other women.

With husband Sammy also interested in the idea of a three-way relationship, they set out looking for a bisexual woman to join them.

Using dating apps Tinder and Bumble, the couple have had some success in meeting a third person – but their first girlfriend had to relocate to a different country.

Now they’re looking for a woman who is “spiritual, strong, independent, intelligent, open-minded and a free thinker”.

The couple have been scouring Tinder and Bumble trying to find the perfect match

melia and sammy
They insist the three-way relationship would be about more than just sex

Melia has decided to keep their polyamory from her parents until they have a more concrete arrangement.

She says the couple have been subjected to criticism from “haters” as they pursue a lifestyle outside of “society’s version of normal”.

“Polyamory for us is our belief that we can fall in love and be in love with more than one person at a time in this life,” Melia said.

“It’s really living with an abundance of love, joy, and connection.

“Polyamory is the freedom to walk in our truth and be who we truly are, regardless of society’s version of normal.

melia and sammy
Melia told Sammy that she was bisexual in 2016

“We also get haters who say things like ‘you must not really love each other if you need someone else in your relationship’ and also get some religious folk who don’t understand anything LGBTQ+.

“Hands down, the biggest misconceptions about our poly relationships are that it’s all about the sex and that Sammy is the puppet master of the situation, having his cake and eating it too.”

Melia insists there’s a difference between what her and her husband are looking for and “swinging,” which is about sex alone.

Melia admitted to Sammy that she was bisexual in 2016
Melia and Sammy are looking for a “spiritual” woman and a “free thinker”

Melia admitted to Sammy that she was bisexual in 2016
The couple say they want a second woman to complete their relationship

“You can have sex with anyone- in fact, there is an entire different version of this lifestyle that is primarily about just that sex and it’s called swinging,” she added.

“Not to mention the sex is always better when you truly have feelings for someone.

“We’re looking to add more joy, laughs, adventures, hugs and cuddles to our relationship.”

melia and sammy
The pair have set up profiles on dating apps in pursuit of their triad goal

melia and sammy
Conversations about adding a third party started as pillow talk but became a long-term goal

Melia and Sammy post videos on their Instagram and TikTok pages, teaching people about what it’s like to be in a poly relationship.

They hope that they can continue to share what the experience is like and challenge conventional ideas about what a relationship should be.

They also hope that 2021 will prove to be the year that they fall in love with their soulmate.

“We are so excited to continue to share our journey with everyone,” said Melia.

“And of course, somewhere along our path, we’ll be falling in love with our soulmate and continuing to make our poly dreams a reality.”

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