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irst there was the plan to make Covid vaccinations mandatory to go to the pub. Then Israel started offering pizza and beer to compliment the jab. Some US states like New Jersey are even offering financial incentives. Now the UK Government has dreamt up yet another irresistible reason for young people to get the jab: the potential of getting laid.

Dating apps such as Hinge and Tinder are offering in-app bonuses to users who display that they have had the jab. They are giving the vaccinated perks such as a certain number of “boosts”, which promote their profile to potential matches, offering the prospect of a gateway into what has already been dubbed a post-pandemic Hot Vax Summer.

While I don’t have a problem with these schemes, the idea that young people need to be coaxed into getting the jab with beer and sex just doesn’t add up. I was among tens of thousands of young people who dropped their bank holiday plans to race to Twickenham Stadium last weekend to try and secure a walk-in jab being offered to over-18s for one day only.

From today, all adults aged 25 to 29 are able to book their vaccine, and from 7.01 this morning there were thousands virtually queuing to do their bit. London’s population is young; the average age is 35.6, compared to 40.3 nationally, which may explain why we are further behind the rest of the country on vaccinations, but it’s not for lack of trying.

After all, why on earth would we not want to get the jab? Of course Hot Vax Summer is open to people of all ages, but young people in particular have spent the last year holed up inside missing out on our prime partying era. I cannot wait to spend way too much money on cocktails in a sweaty club in east London before devouring a McDonalds on the way home. My friends and I have been counting down the days until June 21 for precisely this reason.

This is why I’m entirely unsurprised by the rush to get vaccinated by 25 to 29-year-olds this morning. The Government thought they needed to patronise young people to get the vaccine. Turns out just offering it to us is a much better option.

Will you be participating in Hot Vax Summer? Let us know in the comments below.

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