Crime Watch 01/2009: Phone Scam — Kidnap Hoaxes


Despite repeated Police advisories against the danger of phone scams, some Singaporeans continue to fall prey and become victims of such scams. One of the variations of phone scams is the kidnap ruse where victims are conned into parting their hard-earned money after they are tricked into believing that their children are kidnapped. See how an alert and quick-thinking woman avoided being a victim of a kidnap phone scam and proactively assisted the Police to apprehend the culprits. Formore information, visit Don’t forget to “Like” the Facebook page to receive the latest Information, Crime Alerts, Updates on Police arrests and gain access to exclusive content!


25 thoughts on “Crime Watch 01/2009: Phone Scam — Kidnap Hoaxes

  1. XiaoQiaoKawaiiXX

    Hahaha my friend got a call and it was a china guy. She is only 12 and act a voice like she was an adult. When the guy ask for money saying that her son have been? kidnapped, she said to the guys if he want a fake money LMAO

  2. zilinggal

    if this ever happen to my dad he would say that he does not have a son or? daughter XD!

  3. Cheryl12009

    a person phone scam my mother of me being kidnapped but actually? i was in school….and worest it was my birthday that day……..

  4. Sakurazaki Naoki

    Everytime My Phone rings, and I Hear a? CHINA ACCENT…. You know what happens

  5. xxrawrcookiesOuOxx

    I’ve a friend ho old me that he uses his motets previous mobile number as his own. So if your look at the residents book you’ll see his number, but under the mothers name. Dao one day, a man called him and claimed to have kidnapped ‘his son’. So he said “But? I am the son.” And that’s how the call ended

  6. mintico snout

    i thought the skinny guy that keep following? the madam gan is the culprit

  7. AJ Amran

    I thought? china nationals come to singapore to work…damm now they in kidnapping scams…whats happening to singapore….gosh

  8. wangzhao ls

    scammer: hello? Your son is in our? hands, if you want him back safely, pay us $10,000.
    woman: But I don’t have a son.

    The obvious scammer >.<

  9. deterdettol

    Fact: Going by that rationale, the UK is better. The immigrant population consists of not only the usual suspects like Chinese, Vietnamese, Africans and so on, but also from the Middle East, India and shares close proximity with? Europe.

    The UK is also quite simply, in the centre of the world.

  10. ZzMNMzZ831

    Fact : The US has the best intelligence agency.? Why? Since its made up by people all over the world so we can send the right spy’s who would blend in in a specific part of the world

  11. tenten1353

    chinese people :D? but not this one with kidnappers!

  12. kissm3123

    From yishun north point to hougang quite far leh! and it’s? punggol, not ponggol.

  13. Sam Yaknow

    That’d be a fail if they called and your child was? sitting right by you.

  14. devilzreality93

    it would take time for investigator to travel to ponggol … lol ponggol park in hougang la sia hahahahah?

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