CrimeWatch 2011 Ep10 Pt2/2?Kidnap Scam?- 18Dec2011 [HD]


In the this segment, find out how a pair of vigilant OCBC bank officers saved an elderly lady from becoming a victim of a “kidnapping” scam. Learn tips on how not to fall prey and become the next “kidnapping” scam victim. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Also on part 1: CrimeWatch 2011 Ep10 Pt1/2?Million dollar container theft?- 18Dec2011 See how the Police tracked down the syndicate responsible for stealing a container carrying a million dollars’ worth of branded cosmetic products within 3 days after the police report was filed.


24 thoughts on “CrimeWatch 2011 Ep10 Pt2/2?Kidnap Scam?- 18Dec2011 [HD]

  1. XiaoQiaoKawaiiXX

    Lol idk y phone scam? always have a china accent. Ps. Miss goh and alice is so beautiful

  2. SexyCrystalGayle

    2:18? Miss Goh the branch manager is also damn hot. I would let her kidnap me!

  3. Angel Baby

    I think they have it on recording..I forget. But on the last Kidnapping scam episode they had a recording of? the child’s voice..I have no clue how, but yea/

  4. smosh263

    sorry but i know if u there to help? but the people are cops and the elderly is a retired cop

  5. TheSoftsnowflake

    But then at 1:05 when there was a girl voice who shouted “Help me! Ma! Help me!
    where? did it come from? dont blame me im just a kid

  6. TheSoftsnowflake

    $3000 little meh? u can buy 1 mac, 1 iphone and some? game membership leh! u hurt a elderly ah, u die young but the elderly still living on and on…

  7. VongolaBIood

    The mandarin is too perfect for? singaporean LOL. IMPOSSIBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  8. OptimusFT

    If I am ask to withdraw my money ,If I am the old lady will to go to my own room and use? other phone to call police

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