The Most #Cringey Things We’re So #Sick Of Seeing On Your #Dating Profile

Do you ever see something listed on someone’s profile and immediately swipe left?

Whether it’s a certain basic aphorism, or a song lyric, we all have certain things we can’t stand.

The people of Reddit put their collective minds together and voted on the very worst things you can list on your profile. The threads started with “Men/Women of Reddit, what are things women/men write on their dating profiles that are instant deal-breakers?” Lots of enlightening answers ensued.

Laugh along, or take note.

Too Good To Be Here


One of the biggest things that those who responded to the female thread hated was when men went out of their way to explain how much better they were than online dating. Bios that include, “My friends made this for me” or “This is so dumb, deleting soon” are, unsurprisingly, not very successful. As user NotYourNat wrote, “Why you lyin’?”

Also, writing your height or salary is another huge no-no. Feels weird that we even have to say that, but apparently people still do it?

Emojis Instead Of Actual Words


Men and women agreed that listing nothing but emojis in your profile is boring AF. One user wrote, “Nothing but a list of emojis that I’m supposed to decipher to explain who you are? No.” I mean, true. Having an emoji of a basketball and a sun doesn’t say as much as you think it does.

Another annoying thing is when people have no bio at all, simply list their snapchat or write “hmu ;)”. As a general rule, wink emojis are always barf.

Fluent In Sarcasm


And what did men find the most frustrating? People listing that they’re “fluent in sarcasm” or “love adventures” seemed to be a deal-breaker. One user wrote that bios that include “Take me on an adventure” are “the worst, hands down”. They wrote that they assume it just means someone didn’t know what to write.

Also, phrases like, “Love having fun” and “I don’t like drama” aren’t preferred either.

Originality Is The Best


The biggest takeaway from this is that being unique and genuine works best every single time. People will be able to call bullshit as soon as they see something basic or arrogant, so try your hardest to set yourself apart.

But also, if you do include the above things in your profile, don’t sweat it. You’re doing your best!

Just never admit the dog in your picture isn’t yours. As genjen97 pointed out, that’s nothing but “disappointment in a sentence”.