Crooks #target those looking for #love on #dating apps


CONMEN are targeting those looking for love as part of a new wave of scams hitting the area, police have warned.

Fraudsters are trawling popular dating apps to find their victims, and gaining their trust before duping them to fork out hundreds of pounds to pay for flights to see an ill relative abroad.

Hampshire Constabulary is now warning people of this scam and a host of others that are on the rise in the area.

It comes days after similar advice was issued in the Fareham area after a surge in cons.

Other frauds include: mail scams where conmen use fake lotteries, prize draws and get-rich-quick schemes to take money from victims; investment scams where victims are offered investment opportunities in land, fine wines, gems and shares which have little or no value; courier fraud where fraudsters trick the victim into handing cards and PIN numbers to a courier on their doorstep or making them think they are helping a police investigation by getting them to withdraw large sums of cash.