Why You #Should Cut Out #Toxic #Relationships

No man- actually, no not man. No boy should ever make you feel like you are not worth enough.

Ladies, listen up.

No man- actually, no not man. No boy should ever make you feel like you are not worth enough. If he is saying any things to you that make you feel that way, he is not a man he is a childish boy who doesn’t deserve you.

I spent my entire summer and the first month of my first semester of college in this awful relationship. I thought everything was fine, but it turned that wasn’t the case at all. We started dating the end of my senior year of high school and I only saw him on the weekends. Summer was great, I got to see him multiple times a week and sleep over whenever I wanted. Spending so much time together, I always thought everything was just okay.

Until he went on vacation to Spain and cheated on me.

He came back and I found out through a friend of his who he went with who sent me a picture of him with another girl. I was so irritated I didn’t even want to listen to his excuses. I ignored him for a good week, but I was stupid and believed what he said.

We continued dating, then the next month he went on vacation to Amsterdam.

Shocker, he cheated on me. Again. So I ended it right there, I felt like an awful person and let him make me feel worthless.

He tried telling me that I’m the reason he cheated because I never gave him the attention he wanted. Sorry, every time we hung out I didn’t want to just lay in bed with you all day long? I was told countless times of how rude I was and how I didn’t deserve him and I shouldn’t have been treated as nicely as I was. Don’t ask me why I listened to him, but I did. He would text me all of these rude things about how my “appearance has gotten worse” since we broke up. Stupid little things he would say to make me feel bad about myself.

It started with the text messages, and then when I blocked him, it got to another level.

I was being stalked by my ex-boyfriend.

After police action and counseling, I had to move out of my resident hall. I moved to a new building and got a new roommate. I love her and I love my new room, but the whole process of moving out and not living with all my friends anymore was really upsetting. I felt like I didn’t have control over my own life, and that was the hardest thing for me.

After all of this happened, I felt defeated- but I learned how to cope with it. I feel so much better after going to counseling and now that he is completely out of my life, I feel safe.

So, ladies, if you are in a toxic relationship like this- get out. It’s not worth it. If your boyfriend is telling you things to make you feel down about yourself, he’s wrong. You can take control of your life, you have the right to say what you feel. Don’t let somebody else take over your life. Take control and be happy.