Cybercriminals target online dating websites


Cybercriminals keep attacking companies which collect their customers data. The personal data of around 1.1 million people who are the users of the online dating website had appeared on black market. According to eScan, private data is attracting criminals more and more.

The dating website describes its service as “online dating for beautiful people only”, as aspiring members must first win approval from the app’s accepted users. While the website is working from 2002 it’s the first time when the company faced such a massive problem. The server was hacked last December, but the company keeped saying that was only a “test server” and all users data is safe.

Few weeks ago it was revealed that the personal data of users appeared on black market. The leaked private information could include member’s names, addresses, income, sexual preference, relationship status, phone numbers, email addresses and even private messages.

“The private users data is attracting cybercriminals more and more. Using personal data and even details from intimate life scammers can blackmail, chase and cheat victims in order to receive more money”, says Sergejs Romanovskis, Regional Manager from company Baltimax, eScan representative in Baltics.

According to official statement of, the breach involves data that was provided by members prior to mid July 2015. The leaked data does not contain any credit card information and user passwords are encrypted. is not the only target. The cyber attacks already marked these online dating websites: Ashley Madison (37 million users exposed) and Mate1 (27 million users passwords exposed) etc.

According to security experts from eScan, while online dating companies have to take full responsibility of their customers data security, appropriate management and removal of their data, the users have to take care too.

“By submiting personal information on websites which doesn’t ensure the right data security, we have to understand the risk what can happen if our data would fall in criminals hands”, says the representative of Baltimax.

Security experts recommend for users willing to join online dating sites to use not the primary e-mail but another address for similar entertainment sites. It’s very important to use a good password and never submit more information than it was asked.


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