Damian Element Brisbane QLD

Damian Element and I were in a relationship. During our relationship he was very abusive emotionally and psychologically. He would control what I wore, how I spent money. I couldn’t have girlfriends as he would perve on them. The time with him consisted of him putting me down and criticising me. When I first met him I was a strong independent woman, in control of my life. By the time he left I was very emotionally unwell. Having planned my suicide at one stage as I felt that I was worth nothing, he lead me to believe I was worth nothing. I felt like I was dog poo. Not worth anything. My family were horrified at my transformation and pleaded with me to leave him. My step dad told me that he was a very dishonest man and was furious at how Damian treated me.

I have had low self esteem and suffered from depression at different times in my life. Therefore I was vulnerable to a manipulating and controlling man like him. I loved him and did not feel I could live without him, because of what he said to me. He would get angry with me if I cried. His continual put downs and criticism lead me to feel like I could not function on my own due to my lack of worth. A very different women then I was before I met him. When I met him I was a single mum going to university having a great relationship with my children. Due to his abuse continually I found it harder to parent. My children have missed out on so much parenting due to my experience with him. The relationship left me completely emotionally very weak and finding everyday life very difficult.

I am continuing to recover from the trauma of that relationship and what Damian did to me and in turn to my children.

Damian cheated on me numerous times, he was addicted to pornography. He had an affair with his married secretary in Melbourne Sylvanna Steward. She had a baby after their relationship ended. It is quite possible that the baby is his. I felt very insecure when I was with him as he continually lied to me, even when being caught out he would try to make a new lie to cover it up. Or get angry at me for having spoken to him about it cutting all affection and communication with me for a time as punishment.

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