DAMN! This Is Why Alexis Skyy & Trouble Reportedly Broke Up!


Alexis Skyy and Trouble were throwing shots at each other online and it appears as if they broke up. 

Reality star Alexis Skyy posted a picture of herself and a fan online caught that she changed her caption “fast AF.” It’s unclear what the original caption was. One of Trouble’s friends commented and asked Trouble why is Alexis Skyy playing with him.

Alexis responded and said that she’s not. Trouble chimes in and said that Alexis is “doing it for the gram.”

Then Alexis said in another comment that it’s sad Trouble can go on the gram but not hit her up for two days. 

Check it out:

In another encrypt message, Trouble wrote “you know you living ima new era when Instagram find out you single before you get the call. Then they remember and text you.” 

Source: https://www.hot97.com/news/hot-97-now/damn-why-alexis-skyy-trouble-reportedly-broke