Damon Morck from Bayshore NY still cheating 25 years later


I dated him briefly in high school , up until I discovered he was sleeping with my best friend . Needless to say I dumped them both . I unfortunately for
Them know way tooooo many women Damon has screwed . Just recently it has come to my attention he is still at it !!!! Seriously ?! My gf has slept with him or started to except he goes by the name of Vincent now ? She showed me a picture she snuck of him . I guess his alias is too protect his MARRIAGE ! I’m hoping his wife sees this and dumps his sorry a** he lives in a different county now but I’m still hearing of his escapades . Damon Morck , you SUCK ! And not in a good way either . Ladies , he will be on his best behavior and pretend you are the onnnnnly one . He will even tell you flaws of his to gain your trust *cough* if you know him and think you are the ” one ” check his phone and check for extra phones. Apparently he is known for that , slimeball


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