Damon Wayans is On Bill Cosby’s Side

Comedian Damon Wayans usually is nothing but funny, but last week he did an interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club that was anything but. He showed support for Bill Cosby, a man that’s been hit with one too many rape charges over the last year. Is this a case of freedom of speech, or is he just messing around?
It seems like Wayans wasn’t kidding when he called the women Cosby allegedly raped, “un-rape-able.” Now, what’s rude and uncalled for there is that looks have nothing to do with being raped. No only is the actor in the wrong for defending an alleged rapist, but he’s putting down the victims. This goes against what many are trying to do and make this a culture in which the victims are not seen as in the wrong. Like, “Well she was asking for it,” or, “She shouldn’t have been wearing that.” The 55-year-old actor didn’t say anything like that, but did lament that these women weren’t attractive enough to even be touched inappropriately in the first place.
Over the course of the past year more than 50 women have come out against Cosby. The once beloved actor has admitted to buying quaaludes, otherwise known as the “date rape” drug. While he’s admitted to that, he still has not taken the stand in any sort of trail. One would think that over 50 people coming forward would be enough to speed along this process – but nope. Look at the case of “7th Heaven” star Stephen Collins. He was accused of and admitted to touching underage girls and all that happened was the show was pulled from the air – to later return. He also lost a couple of jobs; “Ted 2” and a recurring role on “The Fosters.”
Then there’s Josh Duggar. First he touched his underage sisters as a teen, then was found to have had an Ashley Madison account. The only repercussion – “19 Kids and Counting” was taken out of rotation on TLC.
Rape is not a joke and it happens on a daily basis, so one would think when public figures are accused of it – the law would work harder to make examples out of them. Allowing thing to continue to live freely sends signs that rape isn’t too serious. Whether or not Wayans was joking when he made the “un-rape-able” comments is debatable but it should’ve never been said in an interview like that. As a father of two girls, one would think he would respect women enough to think before he speaks.

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